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Ulrich Nitzschke

Based on decades of personal experience in Zen, humanistic psychology, various modern sports and traditional spiritual paths, the author explains, with great expert knowledge and convincing empathy, the overriding importance of awareness in golf and follows up with highly effective training methods. The book illustrates how Western man suffering from stressful daily routine can use golf as a method to enter a path to personal development and growth, just as martial arts of the ancient Japanese Samurai were under the influence of Zen philosophy transformed into modern Eastern spiritual disciplines. After more than three decades of serving in the German diplomatic service Ulrich Nitzschke started in 2004, at the age of sixtyfour, his free lance activities as life coach and author. He sees his new career as the natural outcome of his long-life quest for personal growth and spiritual development, that included Human Potential Psychology, Eastern Spirituality, Western sports disciplines (skiing, sailing and golf) as well as Eastern spiritual paths like Zen-Meditation and Kyudo (Japanese Archery).

Uttara Nerurkar

Uttara Nerurkar is a B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. She worked for 15 years in leading chemical engineering and software companies. Her last stint was at Infosys Limited, where she worked for over eight years. In her role as a software researcher there, she co-authored a book on software engineering for Tata McGraw Hill. Her research papers were published in international software magazines and journals, such as Dr. Dobb’s Journal and IEEE Software Journal, and presented at international conferences.

Since 2001, Uttara has been pursuing the path of Adhyaatma and studying the Vedas, Upanishads, DarshanShaastras and other Indian philosophical treatises, along with Sanskrit. She has studied at the feet of Swami Brahmadevaji, Smt. Amrutvarshini Bhatt, AcharyaAnandprakash, AcharyaSatyanandaVedavageesh, Smt. Pushpa Dixit and many other gurus of different schools of thought. Her intensive studies have been recognised by experts. She presented a paper on Nyayadarshanam, the ancient Indian text on Logic and Reasoning, at the prestigious 16th World Sanskrit Conference, Bangkok, 2015. Another of her papers on the same text was published in the Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, India’s foremost philosophy journal. She has presented her studies on ancient Indian philosophical texts in many other national and international conferences. Her most recent book, The Causeless Cause: The Eternal Wisdom of Shwetaashwatara Upanishad, has been well received. She regularly writes in renowned Vaidika magazines like Dayanand Sandesh, Vedavaani, and gives discourses on Vaidika subjects in various community forums. She has been teaching Indian spiritual and philosophical texts such as the Upanishads, Yogadarshana, Manusmrti, the Bhagawad-geeta, as also Sanskrit, for more than ten years.

Uttara strongly believes that the knowledge contained in our ancient texts is highly relevant today. She is dedicated to spreading this message through lecture-presentations in schools and colleges, speaking at various national and international conferences, and producing videos in English, Hindi and Tamil on YouTube. Her message is to echo the clarion call of Swami DayanandSaraswati of the AryaSamaj: ‘Return to the Vedas.’

Books from this author - The Smokeless Fire: Unravelling the secrets of Isha, Kena and Katha Upanishads, The Causeless Cause : The Eternal Wisdom of Shwetaashwatara Upanishad, Antarjagaran: Nav Upanishado Ke Kuch Vishesh Prakaran (Hindi)

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