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Jacqui Tew

Jacqui Tew

Jai Bhandarkar

Jai Bhandarkar is the grandson of the artist Vamanrao S. Pandit.

Born in 1962, he did his undergraduate from the Cathedral and John Connon School, Bombay and is a graduate of Commerce.

He is ex-director / founder of Lansdowne Gallery for modern and contemporary Indian art. He currently lives and works in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Books from this author - A Royal Palette (PB), A Royal Palette (HB)

Jaipal Sharma


James Allen

James Allen

Jamuna Rangachari

Jamuna Rangachari is the wife of a Naval Officer and the mother of two children. She is a software professional and writer. Her main interests include positive values, spirituality and holistic living.She believes that it is extremely important to promote positive values and principles through stories and tries to do this through her writing. She has authored two books for children. The first book she wrote was One (Rupa & co. 2005), a collection of short stories on all the religious practiced in India and their core principles Her second book was The Magic Liquid (Rupa & co 2005), that was an adventure tale with a sprinkling of values. She has also complied a book of Teaching Stories (Life Positive Publications, 2008) and More Teaching Stories (Life Positive Publications, 2010) from various wisdom traditions for Life Positive.

Books from this author - More Teaching Stories, Teaching Stories-Hindi, Teaching stories, Elixir for Zylake

Janis Amatuzio

Janis Amatuzio, M.D., is the founder of Midwest Forensic Pathology, P.A., serving as coroner and a regional resource for counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin. She has been in the field of forensic medicine for nearly 25 years. Board Certified in anatomic, forensic and clinical pathology, Dr. Amatuzio is an internationally recognized authority in forensic medicine and has developed many courses on such topics as death investigation, forensic nursing, and forensic medicine in mortuary science. Dr. Amatuzio is a dynamic speaker, a frequent guest in the media and author of numerous journal articles.

Jayadeva Hansa Yogendra

Jayadeva Hansa Yogendra

Jayashri M Gaitonde

Jayashri M Gaitonde

Jayashri M. Gaitonde

Jayashri Gaitonde is an ardent devotee of Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj. She began by accompanying her husband, Mohan Gaitonde, to the talks by Maharaj where his role was to translate Maharaj’s Marathi discourse into English for the benefit of the assembled seekers who were often from the West. However, within no time she was completely immersed in the Teaching. She attended every single satsang for several years, absorbing the very core and every nuance of her beloved Master’s teachings. She currently lives with her husband at Lonavala, a hill station situated at about three hours’ distance from Mumbai.

Books from this author - Amrutvarsha: Sri Nisargadatta Maharajyanchya Nirupanatil Veche (Marathi), Mantarlela Satsang, Shower of Grace: Meditations with Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Jean Dunn

Jean Dunn One of Nisargadatta Maharaj’s notable Western devotees was a California woman named Jean Dunn. In 1963 Dunn edited and printed 100 copies of a booklet by Maharaj called Self Knowledge and Self Realization. It’s an early work, very different from I Am That and the later books. Like Frydman, Dunn had spent time with Ramana Maharshi before his death in 1950, and that association led her in 1978 to write an article about Maharaj’s teaching for The Mountain Path, the journal of Sri Ramanasramam. It was an article that attracted the attention of the then recently retired Ramesh Balsekar, who subsequently read I Am That and sought out Maharaj’s talks.

Books from this author - Seeds Of Consciousness, Consciousness & The Absolute, Prior To Consciousness

Jim Wilson

I found myself a cosy corner in a backpackers' hostel in the busiest part of Dunedin, which must closely correspond to the least busy part of Bombay/Mumbai. I loved walking the streets of Dunedin: a quaint town, I thought, much like--though in some ways bigger than--the campus town of Athens, Ohio where I did my dual master's degree programme at Ohio U in the early 1980s, before moving on to Harvard U for my fellowship year. An interesting sidelight: After the UOtago event, the host professor offered to take me to the beach for dinner. You must enjoy the beach in Dunedin, he said. I told him I was born and raised in a city of beaches--Mumbai--and that I'd rather pay a visit to the cricket ground which is etched in the history of Indian cricket--the Dunedin ground where India won its first ever overseas Test match in February 1968. And so we dropped the beach idea and proceeded to the ground where I took so many pics that my host had to remind me of dinner, not at the beach but at a downtown restaurant. The morning after our dinner, I walked into Otago Sports (a sports-goods store on Dunedin's main thoroughfare called George St, not far from my hostel), and was welcomed by an elderly gentleman who introduced himself as the store-owner and who, ostensibly going by my Indian looks, escorted me to the cricket-bat corner of the store which flaunted bats priced at NZD 1,000-plus! We chatted about Indian and NZ cricket and, when I told him I'd visited the "historic" ground the previous evening, he raised a red flag, saying he wasn't sure the ground I saw was the same one on which India created history in the 1967-68 season by winning its first overseas Test match. He suspected that there was another stadium in those days a little away from the univ campus where the match must have been played: that stadium, he said, was razed and a rugby ground built in its place. Any way of knowing for sure? My host-prof is an American married to a New Zealander, and had no clue. The question simply was: When was the first Test played at the ground which is now Dunedin's international cricket venue?

Books from this author - Journey to the Centre of my Being

Jitendra Pant

Vague promptings of the self, difficult circumstances and disconsolation were the context in which the author found himself at Guruji’s feet. His refuge, sought for inarticulately, was readily given. That marked the author’s continuing volte face, as it were, from the misconceptions of his being. For not only did Guruji provide easy shelter and warm food, he led one to that very ancient fad yet unutterably new destination: the Truth. By an act of spiritual combustion, whose trick he alone knows, Guruji gave all those who came to him an undying aspiration for the self. The author caught it, too. While the author perseveres in error and dim sightings of the light, Guruji continues tirelessly to ferry him – and all those who seek his refuge, even if through the agency of this book – to the shores of his own being.

Books from this author - Pradakshina : Circumambulations around the Satguru’s path

Joan Greenblatt

In the fall of 1970, a young couple from New Jersey, Joan and Matthew Greenblatt, each only 19-years-old, walked in through the door of New York Ramana Ashram's door and fell into the nightly spiritual practice with devotional fervor. Until then, the couple had no idea of the future awaiting them. Nor until then did they feel an inner awakening which filled their lives and turned their minds inward to the source of joy, which was to be the mainstay in their new life. Drawn by the practice of nightly recitation, chanting and sitting in silence, as well as the warm and simple devotional nature of their new friend, Arunachala Bhakta Bhagawat, Joan and Matthew would come again and again until their normal life and the life of service to the Ashrama merged.

In the autumn of 1971, an offer came for the gift of a small farm in Nova Scotia Canada. Without a second's thought, the Greenblatts became the instrument of Divine Grace in Bhagawat's life. Within twelve hours, the young couple was driving north in pursuit of land for a residential Ashrama. They drove straight to the intending-donor's home near Halifax, Nova Scotia, only to discover that his enthusiasm had meanwhile waned.

Encouraged by the friendliness of all they met, they went from door to door asking the residents if they knew about any farm for sale. Each evening they would return from their search to the home of a kind, elderly couple, the Taylors of Clarence (Nova Scotia). As the search continued, the feeling began to grow on the young couple that the farm house where they returned in the evenings for warm food and conversation would be their own home! The Taylors had been planning to sell their farm and return to town.

This is how Joan and Matthew, with hardly any money, made a token down payment on the farm of 130 acres at the foot of the northern mountain range in the peaceful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

Soon after, the work of fund-raising was undertaken. The Greenblatts begged and borrowed from every person they knew and also those they did not know, but it was only shortly before their return to Nova Scotia that their efforts bore fruit. After they arrived in Nova Scotia the work began with exuberance for converting the farm into a residential Ashrama for all devotees of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. From the end of April, 1972, the young couple and a friend and fellow devotee, Dennis J. Hartel of Tonawanda, New York State, started working full time to make the farm a home for all aspirants and children of the Universal Spirit who came to its door.

The country Ashram is dedicated to the simple life of hard work, the practice of Sri Ramana Maharshi's teaching of Self-Enquiry of "WHO AM I?" and total surrender to the Divine Presence. Every evening at seven and morning before dawn, Sanskrit hymns and chants resound with the sweetness that comes directly from the Heart. This is followed by silence, then by the reading of teachings. The doors of the Ashrama, both in New York City and Nova Scotia, are always open to all.

(Excerpted from the article 'A Dream Comes True' written by Evelyn Kaselow Saphier in 1972.)

Joan Greenblatt has written about Bhagavan's teachings and about some of his closest disciples.

Jocelyne Cooke

Jocelyne Cooke

John Dowson

John Dowson M.R.A.S. (1820 -1882) was a British orientalist. A noted scholar of Hinduism he taught in India for much of his life. His book Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology remains one of the most comprehensive and authoritative works on the topic.

Books from this author - A Classical Dictionary Of Hindu Mythology And Religion

John Randal Kaneen


Jorge Blaschke

Jorge Blaschke

Joseph Mattam

Joseph Mattam, S.J., formerly Director of the Gujarat regional Theologate, Ahmedabad, and later of the Gujarat Vidya Deep (Ahmedabad and Vadodara), is an emeritus professor of Systematic Theology. Even now he lectures at various seminaries and theologates in India.

He is the author of land of the Trinity: Modern Christian Approaches to Hinduism (1975, TPI, Bangalore) and of many articles in theological and mis- siological journals in India and abroad. He is the editor of Dimensions of Mission in India (1995), Mission and conversion – a reappraisal (1996) – Mission Trends Today (1997), Blossoms from the East (1998), Missiological Approaches (1999), In the Shadow of the Cross (2002), Creative Ministries: Exploring new Frontiers in Mission (2004). (all St Paul’s, Mumbai), Emerging Indian Missiology: Context and Concept (2006, ISPCK); Ecological Concerns (1998, NBCLC), Hindutva (2002, Dharmaram). He is a member of various National and International Associations and takes part in various National and international Conferences; he was formerly the president of FOIM (Fellowship of Indian Missiologists). He conducts retreasts and seminars for Seminarians, Priests and the Religious.

Books from this author - The Religious Life, Call To Love Meditations

Joy C Raphael

JOY C. RAPHAEL is a senior journalist who has worked in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries like the UAE and Oman for nearly 30 years. He has also worked with a number of Indian publications, like Onlooker, Probe India and Current. He has done over 600 investigative stories and features while working in India. His earlier books were Mutawas: Saudi Arabia’s Dreaded Religious Police and Slaves of Saudis: Terrorisation of Foreign Workers. Slaves of Saudis was published in Malayalam by Mathrubhumi Books as Saudikalude Adimakal.

Books from this author - Slaves Of Saudis: Terrorisation Of Foreign Wokers, Mutawas: Saudi Arabia’s Dreaded Religious Police, Arabian Agony : What expats go through in the Gulf

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