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P Hans Zollner

Fr. Hans Zollner SJ is originally from Germany. He belongs to the German Province of the Society of Jesus. He is currently professor in the Gregorian University in Rome. In 2010, he wrote a book called “Chisea e pedofilia Una ferita aperta” in Italian. This book has been transland into English with the title “Church and the Abuse of Minors”

P L R D Department

P.L.R.D. Department

P Raymond Stewart

This spiritual guide and author was, even as a young man, intrigued by the mysteries of life. At the age of 18, he experienced a profound awakening and transformation while traveling alone through the US. Realizing the essential oneness of all life, he returned home and lived contentedly as a hermit for some years. The writings that eventually became the book 'Living as God', emerged as he began sharing this ever deepening sense of unity with those around him.

Books from this author - Living As God

P Ribes

P Ribes

Pandit Rattan Mohan Sharma

Pandit Rattan Mohan Sharma is an Indian classical vocalist. He sings in Hindustani style of music. Rattan Mohan Sharma was born in Rajasthan, he is the nephew of classical vocalist, Pandit Jasraj. It was found that young Rattan had an affinity towards percussion instruments so till the age of 15, he also learned tabla. Rattan Mohan Sharma started his career after training under Pandit Jasraj. He has performed solos in many a concerts and festivals in India and abroad. He also performs at the classical music festival, [[Pandit Motiram Pandit Maniram Sangeet Samaroh at Hyd] organized by Pandit jasraj. Baba harivallabh jalundhar A grade artist All india radio.

Parmanand Aggrawal

Shri Parmanand Aggarwal, Secretary and Office-In-Charge of Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Courses of Kaivalyadhama (Mumbai), is a highly Knowledgeable and experienced teacher of Yoga in all its facets. Having completed his graduation from Delhi University, Shri Aggarwal attained proficiency in yogic knowledge from Vishwayatan Yogeshram, Katra (J & K) under the renowed Swami Dhirendra. Brahmachari and from Kaivalyadhama (Lonavla). Along with Yoga, he studied the complementary subjects of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Homoeopathy. During the last 35 years, Shri Aggarwal has been teaching Yoga and has conducted several workshops and comps in India and abroad catering to health and healing through Yoga. He has been instrumental creating a creadible platform for his fellow Yoga followers through a number of National and International Seminars and Conference on Yoga. A revered teacher and guide to his innumerable students, shri Aggarwal has brought about a marked change in the lives of a host of renowned personalities and celebrities from all walks of life through Yoga.

Patriccia Balan


Paul Brunton

Paul Brunton’s story is the perfect example of the radical transformation that spirituality underwent in the 20th century. At the beginning of that century, when PB was but two years old, spirituality—even in far-off India—was exclusively the domain of nationalistic, myopic religions, rarely willing to entertain dialogue with other faiths, much less attend to the spiritual lives of women and other second class citizens. Since then we’ve seen a huge awakening in the West, first to Hinduism, then Buddhism, and most recently to Tibetan Buddhism. At the same time there has been a commensurate adaption of Western technology to the cultures of the East.

Nowadays, truly ecumenical conferences abound, while eclectic and independent spiritual teachers, guides, gurus, and coaches are no further away than our phone books. Even while the West was first looking to the East for mysticism, it began to discover that even its own primary religion—science—was unstable, intangible, and deeply interlocked with the consciousness of the observer. And of course in these lattermost years, the Internet has created an entirely new level of interchange, information access, and inspiration.

Peter Berking

Peter Berking lives in Vienna, VIrginia, USA. He is a learning technology consultant. He was captivated by a picture of Ramana in 1974, but didn't become a serious devotee until 1986, after starting to read Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi. In 2002, he made his way to Sri Ramanasramam, and has been going there every year for as much time as he can spare. He is an ardent practitioner of Giripradakshina, especially on the Inner Path, and has written another book with Muktha Manu called A Guide to Giripradakshina. Another central part of his practice is daily singing of Ramana's devotional hymns to Arunachala, the Stuti Panchakam.

Philip Renard

Philip Renard was born 1944 in Amsterdam. After a period of studying the original teachings of Chan Buddhism, he started practising his spiritual life in Subud (a Java based brotherhood), in which the surrender practice called latihan gave him a foundation for all further insight, that is: freedom from concept or method. After an intensive period of fruitful influence from the American teacher Da Free John (later called Adi Da), Philip was for some years closely associated with Dutch Advaita teacher Alexander Smit (a pupil of NisargadattaMaharaj and indirectly of Atmananda). During this period Philip came to a point when belief in all concepts was shed, so he could apperceive who he always already is. In the following years he also (gratefully) made use of Dzogchen teachings, especially those of TulkuUrgyen. Philip has published six books and more than twenty articles in Dutch. In English he has published articles in Mountain Path and Journal of Indian Philosophy.

Books from this author - 'I' Is a Door : The essence of Advaita as taught by Ramana Maharshi, Atmananda and Nisargadatta Maharaj

Phillip Moffitt

Phillip Moffitt

Pierre Bonnasse

Having embraced the Indian way of life and philosophy, Pierre Bonnasse, also known as Chitragupta, spends his time between France and India, especially in Rishikesh. He has studied under the guidance of different spiritual Masters for more than twenty years and teaches yoga, meditation and Indian philosophy. Inspired by the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Rama and Shri Aurobindo, his approach consists in linking philosophical ideas and practices of India and the West. He is also the author of more than twenty books (essays, travel stories and poetry), several articles and translations in French. Some of his books have been translated and published in Italy, America and India. He has written about his personal spiritual experiences, famous Masters and his meetings with remarkable beings encountered during his travels in sacred places like Varanasi, Chidambaram and Tiruvannamalai, especially in the Arunachala mountain which has deeply influenced his life. He co-founded the Rishi Yoga Shala School, offering yoga training programs in India and in France, with courses conducted in English, French and Hindi.

Books from this author - Yoga Nidra

Pingali Surya Sundaram

Pingali Surya Sundaram

Pradip Mukherji

Pradip Mukherjee has expressed a desire not to have personal details about himself revealed.

Books from this author - Exploring Consciousness Through Unconsciousness

Pravin Gandhi

Pravin Gandhi studied Engineering in India and USA, and is a software marketing professional, living in Mumbai. From pursuing a techy profession to pursuing fine thoughts and interests; learning about the Quantum world to learning the piano; traveling to offbeat places to gathering rich experience of places and people; blogging about all of the above; and now writing a book of short stories in his latest initiative, Pravin Gandhi is a Left-brain and a Right-brain person at the same time, driven by a desire to be, to do, something different, something new, at any time.

Prem Saran

Prem Saran, a senior member of the Indian Administrative Service, is currently on study leave, working on "Gender, Personhood and Hedonism as Core Themes in Nepalese Tantrism" for his Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of California, USA. A versatile scholar, holding an M.A. (Anthropology) from the University of California, an M.A. (South Asia Regional Studies) from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, and a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, he carries on "the intellectual tradition" of the Indian civil services.

Now in his early forties, Saran was born in Kerala, is married to an Assamese, and is himself an initiated follower of the Tantric cult.

Prof G V Subbaramayya

Prof G V Subbaramayya - Is it stated in any book that for ultimate and final Self--Realisation one must ultimately come to the "Heart" even after reaching Sahasrara, and that the "Heart" is at the right side ? SRI BHAGAVAN : No. I have not come across this in any book. But, in a Malayalam book on medicines, I came across a stanza locating the "Heart" on the right side and I have translated it into Tamil in the " Supplement to the Forty Verses ".We know nothing about the other centres. We cannot be sure what we arrive at in concentating on them and realising them. But, as the "I" arises from the "Heart", it must sink back and merge there for Self--Realisation.

Prof George Victor

Prof. P. George Victor (born: 1953), Professor of Philosophy, and Founder Director, Centre for Religious Studies, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam has been teaching Sankara Vedanta, and Western Philosophy for the post-graduate students for more than two decades. He has participated in many seminars in India and abroad. He has organized the 'First National Seminar on Teaching Philosophy in India' in association with the editors of Teaching Philosophy journal, USA sponsored by ICPR during March 1998. His major published works include 'Social Philosophy of Vedanta', 'Life and Teachings of Adi Sankaracarya' and 'Moral Science'.

Books from this author - Life And Teachings Of Adi Sankaracarya, Studies In Vedanta Essays In Honour Of Professor

Prof K Swaminatha

Osborne and Prof. K.Swaminathan

Prof V Kutumba Sastry

Professor V. Kutumba Sastry (1950) is currently Vice-Chancellor, Rashtriya Samskrit Samsthan, New Delhi. He is a well-known Vedic scholar. His areas of interest include philosophy in general and Advaita Vedanta and Sanskrit poetics in particular. His publications include monographs, anthologies, and research papers on Advaita Vedanta. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards from several State Governments in India as well as one from the Windsor University, Canada for promoting Sanskrit studies. Recently he has been elected as the President of International Association of Sanskrit Studies, Paris. Professor Sastry travelled widely to spread the message of the Vedas and the Advaita Vedanta in countries such as U.S.A., England, Kazakhstan, Finland, Thailand, and Scotland.

PS Wasu

"P S Wasu has been a life skills facilitator since 1996.His workshop The Fine Print of Life covers the entire gamut of what it takes to unleash human energy and has won a claim for its ability to spur individuals into transforming themselves. Participants have described it as a gateway to new horizons, a redefining moment, better than the best, and so on. His first book The Fine Print of life was published in 2oo9."

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