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N Balarama Reddy

N. BalaramaReddiar belonged to a rich family of Andhra Pradesh. He came to Bhagavan Ramana in 1930s and stayed permanently in the Asramam, till his passing away in 1995.

During his post graduation days in Benares Hindu University, the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna made him look into things spiritually. He wanted a Guru. In 1931, he went to Sri Aurobindo Ashram. When he was in Pondicherry, he met KapaliSastri and through him, he made his first visit to Sri Ramanasramam. Bhagavan's penetrating silence seemed to be pushing his mind deeper and deeper into his inner being. In 1935, he went to Sri Ramanasramam again for the second time. This time he asked Bhagavan: "Can I change my guru?" Bhagavan told him: "Yes, one can change his guru? What of that?" He visited the Asramam again in June 1936. He spent about five years in Sri Aurobindo's Ashram, in Pondicherry.

Leaving Sri Aurobindo was a difficult task. On a written submission, seeking permission of Sri Aurobindo, he was asked to continue. One more letter was submitted, without any positive reply. It took a long five months for him, and for his third letter, he was given a reply: "Since you are determined to follow a path in which you can achieve only ‘a partial realization’, we give you our blessings, though we believe it would be better if you stayed on here and pursued your sadhana where both the Mother and I can help you."

Sri BalaramaReddiar arrived for good in Sri Ramanasramam on the January 5, 1937. When he later asked Bhagavan about what he got by way of reply in Pondicherry, Bhagavan said: "Partial realization? If it is partial, it is not realization, and if it is realization, it is not partial!" This was the final blow that silenced all his doubts. He soon perfectly established himself in Bhagavan's teachings.

"Bhagavan's attendants had told me that His body was like a furnace. Only when once Bhagavan Ramana sat near me, I didunderstand what they meant. I felt spiritual power emanating from His body like an electric dynamo. I was thrilled to the core of my being."

"I believe that the unique characteristic of Bhagavan Ramana was the power of His Presence..."

Sri Reddiar refused to put down his reminiscences for long years. After decades of innumberable requests, he finally consented to dictate his experiences to Dennis Hartel of ArunachalaAshrama, New York and Nova Scotia (Canada) in September 1993. Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai, published his reminscences in 1996, under the title My Reminscences.

(Source: My Reminiscences, N. Balarama Reddy. Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

N R Krishnamoorthi Aiyer

N. R. Krishnamoorthy Aiyer was a very studious and intelligent gentleman; a scientist and a great bhakti also. At an early age he had heard about the Maharshi, but was somewhat disenchanted that he appeared not to be more active politically, and was not supporting the freedom movement. On one occasion he had made a list of his grievances against him, and he made a plan, taking some students with him, to admonish Ramana Maharshi in the presence of his class. However when the critical moment arrived, his body fell down on the floor in prostration to Bhagavan; this obviously de-fused his plans. None the less, he felt that the Ganapati Muni was the one who was really 'doing something', and he felt himself to be in the position of being a Muni-bhakta rather than a Ramana-bhakta for a considerable period of time. From an early point in the twentieth century, postulations had been made by eminent scientists (Heisenberg, Planck, etc) on the nature of Reality, and this evolved as the century progressed in Quantum Mechanics; gradually the mere postulations were proved; NRK was very knowledgeable about all this, and was, I believe a professor and lecturer at the American College in Madurai. Ganapati very much wanted to 'understand' the Quantum Science, and he charged NRK with the job of translating the technical terms (light particles [photons] , virtual existence etc.) to him, and he gave his undivided attention to the professor. At one point, NRK explained the cinema-screen analogy and that the picture, the screen, the seer and the substrate are all One; possibly he was quoting from Ulladu Narpadu verse one of The Forty Verses, or he was quoting, most likely in Sanskrit, from The Five Verses to Arunachala; Ganapati jumped up in great excitement shouting, 'Citram! Citram... That's IT!!", whereupon he initiated NRK with the word 'citram' as his mantra meditation.

Nan Umrigar

At one time, Nan Umrigar had absolutely no inclinations towards spirituality. But all that changed with the untimely death of her son Karl, a champion jockey. During a long period of grieving, Nan, as fate would have it, met some people who communicated with their loved ones in the spirit world. Soon, she also started communicating with her lost son and began to receive ‘messages’ from him that would alter the course of her life forever. Initially, while she felt exhilarated, she could not help but question this phenomenon. Was she fantasizing, imagining things or just indulging in wishful thinking? Was there really a higher energy force– angels, guides, guardians and a God? As Nan delved deeper, building a bridge across two worlds, she decided to share her experience with others. This led her to writing a book in which she detailed how Karl showed her the way out of grief towards happiness, and how she came to believe in Meher Baba– her son`s Spiritual Master. With her insights and her immovable faith, Nan has helped many people deal with the loss of their loved ones. “With Baba’s help” she says, “many hearts have been healed.” And, many lives have undergone a change for the better.

Nancy Patchen


Nandini Kapadia

Nandini Kapadia is a writer and editor with lifelong interest in spirituality. As a keen observer of life, she writes about the struggles she faces and the lessons life delivers to the spiritually sentient. In an insightful new book, Nandini reflects on notions such as “truth, reality, enlightenment” and why she felt compelled to discard them after coming into the ambit of her mentor, Sabyasachi Guha, who was closely associated with U.G. Krishnamurti. She readily embraces Guha’sradical views andtheirimport which have impacted her deeply,in a fundamental way. Now, there’s no turning back! Born in Mumbai, Nandiniearnedher Master’s degree in English Literature from University of Mumbai and embarked on a career in journalism. She worked in various tabloids and newspapers till she moved to the United States in 1995. Currently, she works full-time in the healthcare industry and devotes her free time to Guha and editing his talks.

Books from this author - Life Finds Its Way: Reflections On Reality With Sabyasachi Guha

Nandlal Vanvari

Nandlal Vanvari, PhD, has specialized in electronics and communication engineering. He has presented papers in national and international conferences on R&D vis-à-vis electronics industry and has published a number of research papers in journals and works on the subject. Over the years, he has keenly cultivated his interest in spiritual-scientific topics like the occult sciences.

Books from this author - Dreams, Understanding Occult Sciences

Nataraja Guru

Nataraja Guru was the second son born to a medical stalwart called Dr. Palpu (Padmanabhan) who had been educated and trained in England. His life was dedicated to serve the cause of the deprived millions who were socially, culturally, economically and literally struggling in the 19th and 20th centuries. Natarajan was shown how to toe the spiritual path of pilgrimage early in life by Narayana Guru, who also prompted him to be an educator of his contemporaries. Nataraja Guru was academically trained in Geology, Zoology and Educational Psychology. He received his DLitt from the Sorbonne in Paris and began his career in 1930 as a physics teacher for five years at the International Fellowship School in Geneva, Switzerland. Later he established Narayana Gurukula, contemplative educational centers in India, the first of which was in Fernhill, Nilgiris.

Integrating ancient wisdom with modern scientific exactitude was taken up as his life's mission. He clearly enunciated a common epistemology of all life interests of people to liberate themselves from social complexities and live their natural value visions. The Narayana Gurukulas which he established in several countries of the world make a network of islands of good cheer and redressal in the vast ocean of confusion and lack of direction.

His several books in English, French and Malayalam represent a serious probe into the fundamentals of life so that the reader can simplify his or her own problems of domestic entanglements and clouded value vision. They are guides to gaining methodological efficiency in discovering the higher truth that can bring excellence in life. Nataraja Guru passed away in 1973.

Books from this author - An Integrated Science Of The Absolute_2 Vols. Set, Saundaryalahari Of Shankaracarya, The Word Of The Guru, The Bhagavad Gita: A Sublime Hymn Of Yoga, Composed By The Ancient Seer Vyasa

Neela Balsekar

Mrs Neela Balsekar is a graduate from St Xaviers College (Mumbai) with a BSc in Microbiology. She later did a course in documentary commentary following which she worked for many years at the Happy Home School where she recorded several audio books for the visually impaired. She has presented and provided voiceovers for several programs based on the lives of great saints such as Sant Kabir, Janabai, etc. Several short stories written by her have won awards in various Marathi magazines. She has also appeared a number of times on All India Radio where she has read out stories written by her in Konkani. Neela Balsekar has earlier published two books of Marathi Short Stories.

Books from this author - Prasiddhipasoon Door Rahilele Mahan Sant

Nisargadatta Maharaj

What knowledge can I give to the people who come here seeking knowledge, said Maharaj one evening. Most of those who come here are so completely identified with their bodies that inspite of all their sincerity what I say they must surely find unacceptable. Even those who may ‘sense’ the subtlety and depth in the teaching may not be able to apperceive its real significance. But those who do intuitively apprehend what I say will need but one session with me.

Books from this author - Nisargadatta Maharaj wall calendar -2012

Nishita Chaitanya


Nitin Ram

Nitin Ram

Books from this author - Self Calling: Self Reminder Meditations

Nitin Trasi

Dr. Nitin Trasi is a practising gynaecologist, with a post-graduate degree in the discipline from the University of Bombay. The son of an eminent mathematician and theoretical physicist, he has come to be deeply versed in the fundamentals of the new physics. This he combines not only with serious studies of religion and philosophy, but also with profound personal insight, as well as close interaction with several sages, including an over decade-long association and extensive discussions with Sri Ramesh Balsekar – a disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Before that he had a long association with a Sufi disciple of the famous saint Sai Baba of Shirdi. Dr. Trasi’sbook ‘The Science of Enlightenment' presents a detailed study of the spiritual phenomena of Enlightenment and Liberation in scientific-psychological terms.

Books from this author - The Science Of Enlightenment (PB)

Nitya Menon

Nitya Menon A post-graduate in Economics, Nitya Menon studied Vedanta under Swamini Sharadapriyananda. She has travelled across India in her wish to learn from spiritual masters. Among such masters are Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Ramakrishnananda of Cuddapah, Nitya Chaitanya Yati, Jiddu Krishnamurti, U.G. Krishnamurthi and Shiva Yogini Amma herself. She has been inspired by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in whom she has found total spiritual synthesis. At present, she teaches the Indian spiritual tradition to seekers.

Books from this author - The Master Mystic



Notker Wolf

Notker Wolf’s books have been translated into many languages. He is also a musician who has performed both traditional Benedictine music and Christian rock since 1981, including at least 4 CDs. He plays electric guitar for the rock group Feedback.

On September 21, 2012, the Congress of Abbots reelected the 72-year-old Wolf to serve another term as Abbot Primate. He lives at the Confederation's headquarters at SantAnselmo in Rome. The position is largely honorary as the Benedictines are not a centralized order. He acts as a roving ambassador for them and speaks on Benedictine or Catholic issues.In November 2009 the Abbot Primate received an honorary Doctorate of Laws from Saint Anselm College.

He has written at least 19 books, with his latest (April 2012) concerning the issue of living an environmentally sustainable life for both a good future for the earth as well as for the individual in a spiritual/holistic fashion.) An interview of his views on sustainable consumption is given in the April 4, 2012, issue of Stern magazine.

He admits that his view of Pope Benedict XVI was skeptical at first.However, on covering the Pope's recent trip to Bavaria for German TV, he took a generally positive position. During the aftermath of Benedict's Regensburg lecture, he took the position that the Pope was primarily referring to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and those who force conversions rather than to Islam as a whole.

Wolf is also interested in interfaith dialogue and currently sits on the Board of World Religious Leaders for the Elijah Interfaith Institute.

On September 21, 2012, the Congress of Abbots reelected the 72-year-old Wolf to serve another term as Abbot Primate.

Nrusingh Charan Panda

Nrusingh Charan Panda is the 1929-born ‘Scientist Emeritus’ — having retired from the Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar, as Professor and Dean of the Veterinary Faculty. Notwithstanding his specialization in Nutritional Biochemistry — with M.Sc and Ph.D degrees of the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA, Dr. Panda is essentially a versatile personality, combining in him the endowments of a scientist, a Sanskritist, a philosopher, and a litterateur. And his achievements have been recognized, at different times, with a number of prestigious awards/honours, like the Membership of America’s Gamma Sigma Delta Society, Orissa’s Sahitya Academy Award and Sarala Award.

Internationally reputed for his scientific interpretations of Vedic literature, Professor Panda has also authored the widely acclaimed books: Maya in Physics and The Vibrating Universe. His is at once integral, synthetic, holistic approach.

Books from this author - Mind And Supermind (2 Vols. Set), Meditation — Science And Practice, Bhagavad-Gita- A New Exposition In A Broader Spe, Yoga Nidra, Japa Yoga: Theory, Practice And Applications

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